Thursday, 29 December 2016

Su-27's in the USA

This is most definitely a work in progress!

I've been trying to identify Su-27 Flankers known to be in the USA.

So far there seem to be five, if you believe all the rumours and stories on chat forums!

1) Sukhoi Su-27P c/n 36911027918

Flown by An-124 from Belarus to Nevada on 26th November 1995.  Allegedly bought through a company named "Beltechexport"

2) Sukhoi Su-27P c/n 36911027717

Sold by Belarus to Ukraine in the late 1990's, then dismantled, sold, and shipped to the UK MoD in 19 boxes. Rumoured to be spares for the airworthy Su-27P.  May have even been rebuilt to airworthy status?

3 and 4) Sukhoi Su-27UB's c/n 96310408027 and 96310418210

Arrived in the USA from Ukraine in September 2008 and May 2009.

'08027 is ex Ukraine Bort Blue 61, and now wears Bort Blue 32 and registered N132SU

'18210 is ex Ukraine Bort Blue 66, and now wears Bort Blue 31 and registered N131SU

You can Google N131SU and N132SU for a number of photographs.

Both of these aircraft were disposed of by their owners, Pride Aircraft, and their current whereabouts is, as far as I know, unknown.  The FAA registry shows both aircrafts civil registrations to have "expired".

5) Sukhoi Su-27UBM-1 c/n 96310422054

Allegedly in 2012, Belarus sold "on the quiet" an aircraft recently upgraded at the 558 ARZ (Aircraft Repair Plant), Baranovichi.  Alleged sold to the UK MoD, then presumably on to the US Military.


  1. Whoww, i thought they had 2 Su-27's but they have more. Great job, i'm also interest in sneaky aviation US.

  2. At Groom lake have they beside SU-27's also Mig 29???

  3. My understanding is that the Flankers refurbished by Pride Aircraft went to TacAir in Reno: