Thursday, 29 December 2016

Groom Lake November 2007

On my first visit in November 2007 I did all the 'touristy' things.  I drove the length of Groom Lake Road, from the Extraterrestrial Highway to the famous warning signs, advising of the use of lethal force, should you cross the boundary.  I waved to the Cammo's.  I visited the Black Mailbox (by that time is was painted white!) and I stayed in a trailer at the Little A'Le'Inn, having eaten one of their 'Alien Burgers' for dinner.  I also drove on dirt tracks to what is known as the Power Lines Overlook, where you can see the airspace directly over Groom Lake Airbase down to about 1000 feet.  The only planes I saw were Janet 737s and Beech 1900s, both using tactical "Rattler" callsigns, before reverting back to Janets in non-restricted airspace.

Groom Lake Road, with distant vehicle

Do not pass this point!

Cammo's keeping an eye on me

Little A'Le'Inn trailer accomodation

Highway 375 by night

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  1. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing your fascinating photos!